IRL bag disappointments

Staci B

Let's get fired up
Sep 27, 2006
Which bags have you guys lusted after for so long only to find that IRL it wasn't as nice as you thought?

Mine is the LV monogram Trouville. It looked so small IRL and even though I usually love small bags (e.g. the b-bags in first size), it just didn't fill me with excitement.
Chloe Paddington satchel. I loooove the way they look, and the leather is TDF. But the straps are too long to be strictly handheld-bag straps, yet not quite long enough to fit comfortably over my shoulder. Paddys are really heavy, and the damn lock really gets in the way! Just impractical for me to carry.
I know a lot of people like them, but I wasn't impressed by the Chanel Cabas in person. Didn't matter whether it was the patent one or the leather one, I didn't really like them IRL.
Coach large hobos. I still buy them though cause I love them. THe only thing that irks me a bit is the way the bag is shaped and the strap is when carried, it messes up the original shaping of the bag.