Irissy's Boutique

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  1. Lovely bags Irissy! Thanks for sharing!
  2. i like the gucci tote...=)
    There is a new one that comes in phython skin for the spring collection..might i say simply breathtaking..price wise..$3,300!!!
  3. Ha ha, I'm selling that Gucci tote on ebay right now. It's under the "marketplace" right now.

    Oooohhh.. python Gucci? Sounds really nice! But $3K is too steep for a bag to me. :lol:
  4. loving the Elephant leather !!!

    Its a very nice assortment of bags you have.
  5. Thanks Pradasmeadow!!
  6. Glad you like the mini ribera.

    BTW, I didn't purchase the damier papillon yet. I still can't make a decision. Since the prices went up already, I'm not under pressure to buy. Will post when I decide.
  7. love your gucci's !
  8. Hope you'll make a decision and show us your love. Ya, you're right... take your time. I think I'm going to be one of those paranoid people that only buy LVs a few days before their annual price hike. Gosh, I was all antsy that whole week. :lol:
  9. Wonderful, you have great taste.
  10. Thank you. :shame:
  11. Time for some updates:

    Damer Speedy 25: IMG_0420.JPG

    My LV Family: IMG_0430.JPG

    Papillon Sisters: IMG_0432.JPG
  12. Irissy
    totally love your collection!!!
  13. Fabulase.
  14. Nice damier collection! You guys are really bad, you make me want a damier speedy and I even didn't care for LV :amuse:
  15. Great collection!!
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