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  1. My first designer goods purchased: Coach wallet and mini cosmetic case (but I used it as my camera case instead).

  2. Burberry barrel that I received as a graduation gift from Daddy.


    little Fendi hobo (that I'm thinking of putting it up on eBay soon)


    My recent Tod's purchase: dark pink suede satchel (brand new and hopefully I'll be using it soon) :love:

  3. Gucci cosmetic case (but I used it as a mini purse) :amuse:


    Gucci tote (new still haven't use it yet but hopefully soon)

  4. And lastly... my favorite non-designer handbags:


    Elephant leather handbag purchased from Thailand this summer. Was going to buy a croc leather bag but it was way too pricey for a non-designer brand so ended up going home with this bag instead. I just love the feel of the elephant leather (no offense to the animal lovers out there). :love:


    A cheap $35 hobo I purchased from this boutique at Melrose but I just totally love it for some reason! It's GREEN and it got funky tassel on it. I've been using this hangbag quite alot these days... :lol:
  5. very cute - I love the green bag to :smile:
  6. Love the Gucci tote, it deserves to be taken out ! ;)
  7. I see alot of people using the Gucci cosmetic case as a mini purse. It's very cute!
  8. That was my very first Gucci and I remember I was really excited for awhile with that little thing. Now it's like whatever... lol :amuse:
  9. WOW Irissy, I LOVE your new tods bag....its great! Nice choice.
  10. Tod's is great
  11. i agree the tod's is great! and use your gucci! so cute! :biggrin:
  12. Love the Gucci tote! Thanks for sharing your beauty's!:love:
  13. Thank you... thank you... ::taking a bow::
  14. Really Really REALLY love the Tod's!!!
  15. You wouldn't believe the price I paid for that Tod's bag... about $250 at the Tod's outlet during the mad Black Friday sale last month!! Can't beat that price!! :amuse:
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