Irishgal's Distressingly Pathetic Collection

  1. OK, I am working on it!

    Pic 1. Red and black Coach bags, the rest are Cole Haan
    Pic 2. Fendi baguettes, I too got crazed from Sex and the City
    Pic 3. Tod's, black D, tan and cream D, red and cream tote and suede Miki bag and a green Jimmy Choo Tulita
    Pic 4. My new grey B-bag, thanks Baby Boo!:heart:
    chaan.jpg fendi.jpg tods&choo.jpg grey.jpg
  2. Not even close to being pathetic! You have a very nice collection!
  3. I love that Cole Haan bag on the floor in the middle! So cute! Great collection (you have WAY more bags than me, lol!), those Fendi's are so colorful and pretty. Congratulations on the new BBag as well.
  4. Not pathetic!! nice collection :smile:
  5. what are you talking about pathetic? The Fendi's are so adorable. I :love: them all!!!!!!!!!!! Great collection. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Great Collection..NOT silly girl!! very nice!
  7. NOT PATHETIC! Your collection is great!
  8. You have a very pretty collection!
  9. Irishgal, I LOVE your collection, esp. your FENDIs!!!:love:
  10. nice collection you got there
  11. I need a Chloe zippy paddy..mousse!
  12. The fendi's are really pretty! and your home looks gorgeous! hehe
  13. What a great collection:yes: ! Bet you'll never guess which one is my fav.:graucho:
  14. Very nice collection ... love:love: your baguettes! I loved SATC as well ... I loved seeing what new baguette Carrie would carry.
  15. OMG!! I love the baguettes!!