Irishgal's 7 deadly "S" agers! Worried about aging?

  1. I have noticed that a lot of members post questions asking how to slow the signs of aging. So, last night while I was suffering from insomnia, I came up with a list of the seven worst offenders. I hope these help!

    1. Sun: We all know sun exposure causes premature aging and eye damage. Use daily SPF!! Fair skinned people can get damage in as little as 3 minutes of unprotected exposure.
    2. Smoking: The risks are all documented. Nuff said.
    3. Stress: We all have stress in our lives, but research has shown that the inability to bounce back from stress hastens the aging and disease process. Learn how to be more hardy, bounce back, live longer, look better.
    4. Sleep deprivation: Too little sleep has been linked to supressed immune system, weight gain, and quite frankly, ya look like crap. Turn off the TV and hit the sheets.
    5. Substance Abuse: Ever see those pics of the girls who started using meth, year after year they age so fast it is horrifying. Drugs and alcohol impact collagen reproduction, mess with your internal organs and do damage to your brain.
    6. Sedentary lifestyle: People who exercise even as little as 15 minutes daily have better immune systems, less depression, less arthritis (older population), less obesity...the list goes on. Get off your butt. Take your doggie for a walk.
    7. Sugar: Did you know that sugar actually causes a process known to significantly decrease the reproduction of collagen? Thus, people who consume a lot of sugar will wrinkle faster. Try blueberries, POM, and other anti-oxidents.

    The statements made above are short versions of research I have read. If you would like me to find the papers please PM me.

  2. You rock sister!:rochard: always lookin' out for us! :love:
  3. Fabulous post!!!!!
    Vanity was my biggest motivator for quitting smoking 8 years ago!!!!
  4. You go Irishgal! (from a fellow Irish girl!)
  5. Sugar. Why does Sugar have to be on the list? Can't we replace it with some else, like...stings. Yes, how about stings? Too many bee stings are bad for you. Or, soap. Ewww the harmful drying effects of soap. Ya with me on this?
  6. I can stick to most of them pretty well..but sugar? I'll take that as my one vice. lol
  7. Sugar?!?! What???? I can't do w/o sugar... I'll die of hunger! LOL!
  8. YES! Bee stings HURT! I am totally w/ you! :p
  9. Excellent list!

    Excellent contribution!

    My dermotologist says that the only safe tan comes out of a bottle. I'm going to Aveda for my 2007 bottle this weekend.
  10. Well, reading that sugar ages you may help me think twice before indulging my sweet tooth. Sugar is my definate weakness.
  11. There's an article in May's Elle about the correlation between sugar and aging. You might want to check it out for more details.

  12. Yes, it is not new stuff but the article puts all the research together nicely and is a good read. It will scare you too.
  13. Sugar is my only vice, too.

    I take a vitamin D supplement. One, because it's really good for my bones and two, because I'm very fair skinned (English/Irish) and can't handle the sun.
  14. oh dear, i'm so naughty according to that list.. the only thing i don't "indulge" in is sun! i'm no gym bunny (although i bike/walk everywhere), enjoy the occassional cigarette and drink, have sleep issues and get stressed every now and then.. not to even get started on the sugar.. doh!

    but i got carded by someone two years younger than me last week (and the drinking age is 18) so i guess i'm not looking too bad yet :graucho:
  15. ~Ok before anyone flames me for bumping a very old thread~ I received a nice PM from a long time member who recalled reading this a long time ago and asked me if I could locate it..~~