Irish Green for my first veneta?

  1. I admit I am a green lover, but this shade of green is fabulously rich!
    I bought a wallet and coin purse and still love looking at it.
    It is certainly a color I will never tire of and think you will agree.
  2. I think it's a really pretty green. If I want a green bag, I think I will get this one.
  3. I've never seen that green color before. Looking forward to your reveal.
  4. I received it today! Love it!! Will post photos soon
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    Here are some photos of my new veneta! I love it and it's received lots of great compliments so far. :smile:

    However my male colleagues like to make fun of all my BVs saying that they all look like lawn furniture. With this particular one, they told me that it looks like something you'd store garden tools in. :bagslap:
    photo 5.JPG photo 4.jpg
  6. Indoor shot
    photo 2.jpg
  7. Modelling shot
    photo 1.jpg
  8. such a lush colour and the size looks perfect for u :tup:
  9. That's men for ya. My hubby would call the large an overnight bag! He just doesn't understand large bags. All my other bags are large. I have a medium nero veneta but my goal is to obtain a large Compana or Pyramid. You picked an awesome bag and it looks divine on you!! :tup:
  10. It looks great on you. enjoy your new baby :smile:
  11. That green is so gorgeous on you! CONGRATS!!!
  12. Wow, it's really wonderful. Thanks for the update and the photos. Enjoy!
  13. Love the green! So glad you got this bag ... and don't you love your guy colleagues, it just means they love you ... :biggrin:

    Looking at this gorgeous green, I feel a need to get my Biliardo hobo out ...
  14. Boys, they never grow up!
    That irish green is so pretty! You made the right choice ;)
  15. What do men know about classic design?? I came back to this thread to see if you got it and you did! I just ordered one for myself from the Chicago store. I've been without a green bag too long and this is a delicious color. Green is virtually a neutral.