Irish dancers??!!?

  1. So I am an Irish dancer and assistant ID teacher... and the other day I was really excited to find out that another PFer is a former IDer. Any more around?? I would love to see pics of your solo dresses and such LOL. I have seen some nice bags at my Oireachtas- a few Paddys and several LVs, so I can see Irish dancers being PFers as well. :smile:
  2. hehe- me!

    i used to help my teacher out with little kids- it was SO much fun! (plus discounted lessons didn't hurt either!) little kids are just the sweetest when they're just learning a jig. and, man, once they get into hard shoes- you see those smiles!

    i'm trying to dig through boxes of pictures for pics of my solo dress. i know my dress for group dance is up online somewhere.

    i haven't danced in so long- and now i miss going to a feis! it was always SO much fun!

    but i can honestly say i never paid attention to bags at a feis or oireachtas! (at the point i was dancing, i wasn't into bags. at all). :shame:
  3. I wish! But I like to watch Irish dancing.
  4. LOL kallison, I guess it's just me and you!!!
  5. aw, that's okay! go us!

    i'm really missing it now. i took lessons from this fantasic lady who was irish. and she always told ALL her students to love dancing first, and worry about competitions later. she never wanted the focus to be on competitions, which i thought was great (and wonderful to teach that to little kids!). and, of course, when the owner of our dance school found out, he wasn't happy. (he's the one that trains all the champions and told me that if i didn't want to compete, i didn't need to bother him and waste his time).

    i can't find any pics of my solo dress. sniff. and both my dresses have already been sold...
  6. I would love to study Irish Dance. I've taken ballet for years and always's the love of my life. But, I've looked around for Irish Dance lessons here, and haven't found any instructors.

    That is wonderful that you do it!
  7. i was in ballet for, gosh, 12 years? but the pressure to be uber skinny got to me (i was always crushed when i could never dance in performances because i wasn't super skinny. i hated being told i had talent, but not the look). i was cleaning out my closet the other day and found all my pointe shoes- very fond memories there.

    but i looove irish dance. much more forgiving. :p
  8. Well i have been looking around my computer for a digital pic of my new dress, but I guess I don't have one. I have only worn this dress twice--- then I broke my ankle and have been out of competition for a few months. But the website for the company that made my dress had a pic on their website, so here it is! Oh i picked the color to match a Tiffany's box LOL.
  9. that's gorgeous!

    i'm still looking for pics of mine!
  10. I was an Italian dancer for 10 years. Can I get half a cookie? ;)
    I'm totally not Italian though... people would always be whispering about "that Irish girl" out there dancing :p
  11. Thanks kallison, I can't wait to wear it again. It was depressing to get a nice new dress and then break my ankle LOL.
    LOL yes Darwin you get half a cookie! I've never seen Italian dancing, sounds interesting though!
  12. i think i only wore mine a few times anyways. or, rather, i wore my school dress the most! lol. my mom thought it was all a fantastic waste of money, too. i think she nearly had a heart attack when i told her the prices!

    one of the main reasons i stopped was because i kept hurting my ankle. nearly every feis, without a doubt, i ended up having to wrap my ankle. which was horrible because i never wore socks- i was always in black tights. and it was just bad- i never could strengthen my ankle enough.
  13. Yea it's really hard! I was in physical therapy for 3 and a half months and my ankle is still not strong enough to land big jumps and all that. But I'm not ready to give up quite yet, I've been so close to getting a recall at Worlds, I'm determined to do it! :yes: