Irish Chanel meet/club?

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  1. I know we're probably a small group but anyone interested? It would be in Dublin, which probably makes sense since that is where all the roads lead to in this country and most importantly the only place with an authorized Chanel concession (at Brown Thomas). Please let me know! I can't be the only one in Ireland who gets excited from the mailings from Chanel and the rush of the very, very occasional purchase.
  2. Oh, I wish that I could.... I plan to visit Ireland..... someday :girlsigh:
    Éirinn go Brách! :smile:
  3. My understanding is the only place they sell Chanel in Ireland it Brown Thomas in Dublin. Just so you know!

    When ever I see a fake, I just cringe. It actually sort of hurts, you know?

  4. Oooh, I want to go! If you go within the next 4 months, I'd be able to join...I'm currently in Scotland, but I was planning on visiting Ireland anyway!
  5. I'd be up for that! I'm from Dublin and I love visiting the Chanel boutique in BTs!
  6. Yay! Maybe there will be enough interest for there to be a little meet up. Very good news.

    I will hopefully be going back to BTs soon to collect my wallet, which had to be repaired. (It has been about 6 weeks.) I also left a scarf in at Hermes. Hopefully, they won't be in at the same time because I like to have a reason to go to Brown Thomas.
  7. Brown Thomas is a reason to go to Brown Thomas! Honestly, I can't pass that shop without going in, even if I don't get anything, if nothing else than to refresh my Chanel #22. :shame: Are you living in the city itself?
  8. I split my time between Dublin and the country. Work has me in Dubln most the time!