iris- which hardware?

which hardware do u prefer on iris?

  • GHW

  • PHW

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Jan 17, 2009
With this color i have to say PHW because if not it may look a bit barroque louis the XVI this efect can be beautiful on other colors like blue jean.but i try to visualize colors according to periods and bags to some architectural Landmarks Iris with PHW gives me a very young rendition of purple with GHW it looks older and less defined even.


Aug 30, 2008
I voted PHW too. GHW just looks yellow/orange with iris or raisin to me. And it makes the gorgeous purple look weird. Purples, as much as I love them, are actually the only colors I'd turn down if my only choice was GHW.

(Our HS colors here in town are purple and gold and I've never understood that either! LOL!)

But of course, colors are subjective, so I say go with what YOU think looks best. Your money, your choice! ;) So many tastes, so many combos!