Iris purple lizard mab owners question...

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  1. hey girls, for all you with IPL MAB's.. i have a problem! i was wondering if your bags scratch easily on the purple lizard parts? the corners of my bag have been brutally scratched and i just noticed it recently! how can i fix this or further prevent it? was this bound to happen or did i hurt my bag?
  2. I haven't used mine that much because it's my "dressy bag", but I can see how the lizard stamp part could get banged up. Can you post a picture? Maybe a good shoe repair place could help?
  3. I haven't had that problem with mine yet, but I haven't used it much. Why don't you PM Arm Candy Lady? I know she has used hers more than I have. Maybe you could email Codi at RM. Hope that helps.
  4. here are some pics..

  5. [​IMG]
  6. its really only occurred on a the bottom corners. i do use my bag quite a bit too. maybe 4/7 days a week for about a month or so.
  7. Have you tried conditioning those areas? The worn spots won't go away, but maybe they will help them to blend a little more. KWIM
  8. It doesn't look that bad-- maybe you could find matching shoe polish & touch up the worn areas with a q-tip.
  9. i just bought the apple leather care kit.. not sure when ill get in the mail but it comes with the cleaner and conditioner. i also bought the repellent spray. you think the conditioner should do it?
  10. Mine is still in very good condition. Although I dont use it that much.. I would also suggest to use conditioner.
  11. Go for it! It really couldn't hurt, and hopefully will help blend those areas.