Iris or ultraviloet birkin 30?

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  1. I am not sure how to create a poll.... But would like your feedback whether I should go for Iris or ultraviolet birkin 30? I think my SA said both are Togo and in GHW. I tried to look at all the photos posted but seems like both colors vary a lot, and since I only saw the swatch and not the bag as a whole, your input will be greatly appreciated!
  2. I love love love Iris w/GHW. I have a Kelly in Iris Togo w/GHW and love it to death. I haven't seen UV IRL, but you can't go wrong with Iris!
  3. Do you prefer a warmer or a cooler shade of purple? UV is warmer in color, while Iris is more 'cooler'.
    I think both are beautiful. If I had to pick one, I would go for UV, but that's because UV is a warmer shade of purple which I like better ;).
  4. I prefer UV over Iris. I have a Kelly Lakis in UV Swift. Like other's have said, UV is warmer than Iris. To me, there's a slight blue undertone to Iris. BTW, UV only comes in either Clemence, Swift or Evergrain. So I guess it also depends on how you feel about these leathers compared to Togo. However, both are colors beautiful and I don't think you'll regret either choice.
  5. UV ghw!!!
  6. I am after bright colour, so I definitely vote for Iris! I feel that UV is that dull compared to Iris (Apologies for the UV lovers, no offense)
  7. I prefer UV because the color is more vibrant. :P
  8. Thanks to all for your replies. UV does look brighter and more vibrant. My SA said the UV color is good for summer and winter, while she thinks iris is more suitable for winter only. You thoughts? Any mod pics will be great to put the "whole" bag into perspective.... =)
  9. I actually don't agree with a lot of other posts here apart from **Chanel**'s. To me, Iris in togo has very similar intensity, brightness of UV, but Chanel was spot on regarding the "tone". Where Iris has a cool tone and UV has a warm tone. You should be able to find quite a few photos in the Reference section, under blue/purple colours thread.
  10. I love Iris alot more than UV. Iris is bright enough but pretty darned faultless. UV can look a little muddy to me personally.
  11. Totally agree! :smile:
  12. Iris in Clemance is more intense than togo which is what I have and :heart::love:
  13. i agree. i've seen both and iris is a more intense color than ultraviolet.
  14. uv is more purple than iris imho..i prefer uv because iris has too much blue in it. uv in swift is a lot more intense than in clemence.
  15. How appropro this discussion is underway. I bought an iris KDT what 2 years ago when iris came out. I just acquired an iris 20 Toolbox. There is a smidge of rubbing on the bottom of the TB so I was thinking about ordering the Meltonian colors to mix to make iris: red, navy and white. Today I was in the car with the TB and was analyzing the color makeup for the DIY corner fixing. Iris is red based with blue. In darker lighting the red seems not as prominant. I haven't seen UV in person so I can't comment if I prefer one over the other though from pics it looks lighter.

    I can't say I would relegate iris to fall/winter mode. I just found a white Gap shirt with purple polka dots and I'm picturing the shirt and TB with white punts (pants).

    It would be wise to see them both and then decide. I don't think you wouldn't go wrong with either color but seeing them IRL, your heart may sing more for one than the other.

    (In essence I'm of little use.)