Iris or Peacock Nikki

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  1. Alright ladies. Should I get the Iris Nikki that should be back at LB by the end of the month or hold out for the peacock Nikki??? I can only have one.

    The only other RM I have is a deep purple MAM and all I wear is purple, green, blue and some pink.

    Thanks ladies

    I will say this though, if you can only get one NOW, then you should get IRIS, because you should have enough time to save up for the peacock and get that in a different style like the Market Tote, or MAB Luxe KWIM? That way you can have BOTH
  3. ^^ I like Desi's thinking!! LOL!

    If you really, really, really can only get one then I say go for peacock! It's gorgeous and I think it will go nicely with the colors in your wardrobe.
  4. ErinB, I guess you decided on the MAM afterall. :smile:

    I think either colors will work with your wardrobe. However, if you are allowed just one, I'd say go with Peacock because this one will add pop to your outfits, as where the Deep Purple is blending in. I imagine that Iris will blend in too.
  5. I love the Peacock color!! I'm gonna be all over that when it comes out.
  6. Peacock for sure! :tup:
  7. I understand your dilema Erin. I myself am torn between the iris, peacock, sea green, and electric blue colors. I know that I am getting a nikki in navy luxe, but I love all of these other colors as well. Rebecca has really outdone herself this fall!!!!
  8. I was having the same dilemma and have decided on the Peacock. I think the color has a little more "pop".
  9. Well fate stepped in and made my decison for me. I was playing around with both of them again last night and the hardare clasp on the MAB broke off and shot across the room. I guess that's why it was on sale. So needless to say I picked the MAM.


  10. Peacock.
  11. Iris all the way!!:yahoo:
  12. I love my Iris. It is a gorgeous versatile color and probably more so than peacock.
    However, I am getting the Peacock too. I just hope it will be some time before it is for sale.
  13. I think Iris and Peacock are different enough that you could definitely get both! (Splurging and then saving, like Desi suggested!) And Shaurin, you're right - throw in the seagreen and electric blue and navy luxe and wow, this is a tough time for blue/green lovers!!!
  14. ^^
    LB is also taking orders for forest green.
  15. I have looked EVERYWHERE - any pics of anything in Peacock?????? PLEASSEEEE!!!!