Iris B 35???

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  1. So there are some iris reveals recently, but what do you think about the iris B 35? I initially wanted Violet chevre 35, but it is close to impossible to get it now, Iris can be the new candidate?

    Any thoughts on this combination?:graucho:
  2. hi wintotty, I think the Iris is a very cheerful alternative to the Violet chevre. I have not had the good fortune of seeing both the Iris in either Togo/Clemence and Violet Chevre side by side, but I'm thinking that Iris would be brighter and definitely more purple!

    I was just chatting with a good H friend, and she noticed that tpfers tend to hunt for colours of past seasons that may or may not be available anymore, and the current season's colours are passed. When the season's over, some would kick themselves for passing on them. :lol: And the one example that came to mind was ROUGE GARANCE! We had such a good giggle over it. Seize the moment!
  3. I have seen Iris --it is a very pretty color but in my opinion not a color I would buy a birkin in. Its a little too--of the moment and trendy. In my humble opinion. I prefer more classic colors that are more discreet--perhaps its just a personal style thing
  4. I have an iris Birkin 35 with PHW. Since I have a LOT of purple in my existing wardrobe, the IB fills an important need. Is it a trendy color? Maybe. But purple is always in for fall.
  5. I would definitely get an Iris Birkin!

    But then again... I am a purple fanatic so I am biased. Would I also get a violet chevre in addition to Iris? Hell yes! :P
  6. mrssparkle, you have such a great point.... I've been wanting to get Violet the longest time, but it just isn't going to happen anytime soon in size 35. Then I got offered many lovely colors like Pink B, Rubis B, the current Green B (can't remember the name?), on top of basic colors! I sure regretted passing on some of them already! I guess I should feel very lucky to be offered so many colors and embrace it.........right?

  7. I just saw your pics of Iris B, it sure is gorgeous! The one I'm considering is Togo, so the color is a little more subdued..... I wear a lot of neutral colors like black, grey, and white, purple is going to be a great pop of color I think;)
  8. Hermesaholic, I know what you mean. But I like accessories to be the pop of color or like some WOW factor LOL
  9. YOU are such a enabler!! I can't remember you actually advising anyone to not to get things ever:graucho:
  10. Iris is a very pretty purple with more blue in it. Violet surprisingly looks very pinkish when compared to iris side by side. It really depends on whether you want more reds or blues in your purple bag. Iris is the prettiest purple they have come out in for a long time. I've always felt Prune is too reddish and not a true purple... and raisin is too dark for me. So yes I'll go for Iris in a heartbeat.
  11. I would actually be more inclined to wear an Iris Birkin than a Violet Birkin, just because Iris is darker and much less pink than violet. It is more vivid and electric than, say, raisin, but when I saw it IRL, it wasn't eye poppingly bright. Very pretty and wearable for someone willing to wear bolder colors.
  12. hmmm......interesting. Raisin was never the color I would consider because it is too dark same as prune. I'm leaning more towards pulling the trigger!
  13. i think if u want a brighter purple go for iris in clemence..def brighter than togo...if u want a subtler purple.def go for togo...

    i saw the swatches....clemence is alot brighter
  14. GO for Iris 35cm birkin.You will never regret it.
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    Iris Togo SB2 GH - It is quite hard to photograph iris, the pictures turn out so much bluer than it really looks, here is the closest to what it looks IRL.


    It's the right shade of purple for me,I had a bag in raisin and found it too dark. Hope to see your reveal soon!:nuts:

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