Irina Tote

  1. hello everyone.
    i'm new to marc jacobs and i was thinking about getting the marc jacobs irina tote for college.
    what do you think? i'm only 5'2. for those who own this bag what do you think? and what about quality is it good enough for everyday use? do you have to baby the bag? do you think the bag looks cheap because of the MARC JACOBS on it?

    thanks alot.
  2. It's a roomy sized bag and would probably be a good size for school. I think it's a bit tacky because of the MJ grommets, but I've seen girls who can carry it off. If you like it, then go for it.
  3. I agree with thithi. I saw it and htought the grommets were a bit much for me, but if you love it then go get 'em!
  4. i didn't like the grommets either, but i think it may look quirky on some people. i'm torn between the Irina and the Kerala tote by chloe.