Irina at NM Short Hills Mall Chanel

  1. I spoke with Irina today about her sudden departure at the Chanel boutique in NM (SHM). Although she did not say whether or not she was fired she is no longer working at NM. She was the best SA I have ever known. I asked her if I can call anyone and she suggested calling the corporate office in Dallas and or the manager at NM at SHM. Again, although she did not say I believe the problem was with the other SA & Manager at NM. She is in the process of relocating and will let me know where she goes & I will pass along the info here. If Irina was your SA & you want to let the corporate HR office know what an asset she was I would call the Dallas office.
  2. Wow, I'm sorry to hear about Irina leaving. I don't live in NJ anymore, but did use her at NM. I thought she was great and I'm sure she had a big following of repeat customers. Keep us posted on where she relocates. Thanks for the info!
  3. thank you for the info:yes:...i will call dallas. she was wonderful to me. i also would greatly appreciate you letting us know when/where she relocates.
  4. Thanks for the info.I really liked Irena. I will definately call corporate to complain.
  5. thank you for posting! i really liked Irina. Please keep us posted if you hear from her!
  6. thanks for the info stella.