Irina at Costa Mesa Nordstrom Rack

  1. Has anybody seen this bag lately at the Nordstrom Rack in Costa Mesa?!?! I know these bags are usually there and I really want one for Valentines Day. Tomorrow is the Pre-Sale Designers Sale for those of you nearby so I'm gonna go and try my luck! I'm just wondering if anybody has seen any Irinas there lately so I can get my hopes up!!!! So have you?:yes:
  2. I've never seen any MJ bags at this Nordstrom Rack. Good luck finding one!
  3. So after going this morning for the pre-sale and waiting in line for an hour to look at the designer bags, I saw the Irina but in lime!!!!!! I want the black one. Seriously what a tease!!! But i tried it on and looked at the size and it just confirmed how badly I want one!! Ah seriously so sad that it was like in my hands but in the wrong color!! So close yet so far :crybaby: So has anybody seen any black Irinas anywhere??!?!?!?!
  4. I was at the NR in Schaumburg, Il yesterday during lunch and saw a couple Irina's. I don't think they had black, but I did see a couple in brown. I would call and see if they're still available.
  5. Oh are Nordstrom Racks able to send items to other Racks? Can they do that?
  6. ^ I believe they do charge sends so if you call NR in Schaumburg, IL, you can pay over the phone and they will send you the bag.
  7. Did you call the Schaumburg store and get this one? Cause I just called and she said it was gone. Of course she didn't look and just said "the brown one?" and I said yes it was brown and she's like "it's gone". So who knows! Just wondering if you got it or not!
  8. Oh noooo it wasn't me! But I had no idea they could do charge sends... I called SO many Nordstrom Racks today and even though most didn't have them... some did have one or two in brown but they were too far away for me to get to =( I'm planning on calling them all again tomorrow to see if a black one magically shows up. But at least now I know I have the option of having them sent to me =) That makes me feel a little more hopeful... ah somebody find me a black Irinaaaaa! Please =)