Iridescent Leather Durability and Maintenance


Sep 4, 2006
Hey guys

I just bought a medium classic flap in ecru colour from the new FW collection from the rue Cambon store in Paris. There was only one left in ecru and I have been looking for a bag in a neutral colour! :yahoo:

The saleslady said this was in iridescent calfskin although it looked pretty similar to the caviar leather. Can I check with the knowledgeable ladies of TPF what the differences are with the caviar and how sturdy the iridescent calfskin is? I'm a little worried about maintenance as the ecru is a very light cream colour. Does anyone know how to upkeep the leather and what to do with stains etc, does a non-alcohol wipe work with iridescent colour? Lots of posters here have said this works with caviar but not with lambskin, but I have not seen many posts on the iridescent calfskin.

I saw the beige caviar medium flap as well but went for the ecru as I am Asian and the beige caviar just disappeared against my skin colour!

Happy to put up pictures as well although I have forgotten how to post pictures...

For those interested in current pricing, it was Euro 2450. Other colours I saw were the burgundy/bordeaux colour, khaki and of course, in black. There were some grey patents as well.


Dec 20, 2007
I have the Large Portobello Black in calfskin and it doesnt need any special leather conditioner or thorough cleaning, I just wipe it off with a soft cloth every after use. Maintenance of it is just like the caviar, IMO. It's not so delicate like the lambskin. You will love the leather.


Jun 1, 2007
Iridescent calfskin is better than lambskin in the sense that it does not scratch easily; however, it is still more porous than caviar, which means it is more susceptible to stains and permanent color transfer. If you do get it, I would recommend getting QUALITY leather cleaners and conditioners. I use the ones from Kind of pricey, but very high quality.