Iridescent Goodness - LOVE her

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  1. So I took the plunge and I absolutely LOVE her. It will be the perfect Spring/Summer bag. It's actually snowing today and I think it would also be fabulous with the powdery snow. But, seeing that it arrived to me in this scrunched up state, I have stuffed her with t-shirts to get her back to her original shape :smile: Presenting my new Rockie...

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  2. It's hard to capture the "whiteness" of her (the actual color is peroxide). It's not as stark white as the dust bag, it's more like a vanilla white.

    This is what she looked like when she arrived via UPS :sad: poor thing...

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  3. OMG beautifulness I love the hardware with the white leather congrats.
  4. I love her!!! Congrats! The iridescent hw against the Peroxide leather is gorgeous..
    Very happy you took the plunge! Your pics are beautiful..
    To be honest, I was super close to ordering one last night.. :shame:
  5. This combination is absolutely beautiful. I'd love to see how it holds up.. it's so pristine and pretty right now!

  6. Very pretty !! Congrats. And I know I hate that they can't just keep the bags stuffed like most other designers. We all have to receive our bags then wait days to use them after we shape them. Annoying but I guess worth it for us rocco/ rockie lovers.
  7. Quick, someone take her credit cards. lol :P
  8. So gorgeous! I wish I had the guts to get a lighter coloured bag, I'm way too accident prone :P. The iridescent looks phenomenal with the peroxide :biggrin:
  9. Love it! Congrats!!
  10. Beautiful! Congrats. :smile:
  11. Thanks everyone for the comments. After keeping her stuffed overnight, she seems to be getting back into her "shape". And the leather soften a bit so I love her even more. The cold made her leather a little stiff. Question for Rockie/Rocco owners, do the zippers ease up after a while? It's a little tough to zip right now. I'm hoping with each use, the zippers will loosen up a bit?
  12. Omg I love it, congrats!!! I like to hear that it's not stark white and more vanilla! I almost ordered this exact bag yesterday because the Rockie is just so cute, but I ended up getting the Rocco version. Your pics are making me excited for its arrival!
  13. Stunning!!!!
  14. Gorgeous!! Congrats! :loveeyes:
  15. Love it! Really a beautiful shade of white, and gorgeous with that iridescent!