iridescent fumo! (small n quick reveal)

  1. So this reveal has a bit of a backstory...
    When I was backpacking around Southeast Asia for two months last winter, I had one backpack with 4 t-shirts, 4 tanks, 5 shorts, 2 bikinis, 2 bras, 8 pairs of underwear, one hoodie, and two pairs of shoes. With that said, we couldn't exactly pack cute bags... Especially ones that were pricey or ones that we cared a lot about. I carried around this little waterproof zip-around clutch/wallet/case thing similar to the size of a Fumo wristlet where I carried my three cards (ID, bank, and credit card), hostel key, P+S camera, and iPhone. It didn't have a strap and I used it for going out to the beach and goin out at night.

    Soooooo imagine the slight regret when I wished I had brought a more appropriate going-out bag. So when I came home, I decided I wanted to invest in a convertible and functional clutch case thing and that's when I came across the Fumo.

    I had been watching a bunch on eBay (especially the cheaper ones in the yellow and red and blue) but never committed because I didn't want to settle on a color that I didn't like for the price or a color that wasn't versatile. Until I came across the iridescent one!!!!! Matte black hardware and leather, for half the retail price!!

    Meant to be :smile:
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  3. Adorable clutch.. it's perfect!
  4. Cute!! I love the hardware!
  5. I absolutely love it! I need this Fumo in my life (to match my Rockie). I had a Fumo in Black/ Nickel hw and it was great for going to concerts and such. But yours takes the cake, prettiest EVER!! Congrats!
  6. Gorgeous! Congrats on your new addition
  7. Thanks everyone!
  8. Yeah! I had been eyeing the black with rose gold hardware and didn't even know this combo existed til I came across it on eBay! Thank you :biggrin:
  9. So pretty! I've always wanted a Fumo and the hardware on yours is stunning!
  10. Gorgeous hardware!
  11. Since your reveal I have been coming back to this thread daily to drool at your pics. I have been searching high and low for one with no luck UNTIL TONIGHT!
    Are you enjoying yours?
  12. Yes! I'm surprised by how much it fits. It has all these slots but I hate switching wallets so I was surprised to see that my existing wallet fits in the wristlet and still has room for my car keys (+ 2 other keys and a keychain)!
  13. Love the iridescent HW. Congrats :smile:
  14. Happy to hear! I bet you get plenty of compliments on it. :yes: Mine is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. Yippee!
  15. It arrived today... I can definitely see why you love yours so much. It's gorgeous!
    Here are pics of mine.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]