Iridescent Classic... Love It or Leave it??


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Feb 1, 2017
Hello lovelies,

I have a dilemma and I would love to know what everyone thinks. There’s a Iridescent Classic silver from 17S that I’m contemplating to replace with a small multicolor or Rainbow Reissue instead. I know that I won’t have a problem reaching for either piece. What I’m not sure is which piece do you think you won’t be “tired” of in a few years? There’s no doubt that I love both the reissue & classic flap styles. So, which piece would you rather have? Silver or Rainbow?

FYI, my collection at this point includes 4 classic flaps: Grey, Red, Green, Pink and 2 Reissue’s: Dark Beige & Lucky Charms.

I really appreciate your responses!


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May 31, 2013
New York
I have this same exact silver classic flap and I like it a lot. It’s a very neutral and wearable shade of silver with ruthenium hardware. I am not a fan of this colorful reissue and think that it is much hardware to match and also think that it is a spring/summer bag only, but the silver flap can be worn all year around.
Oct 3, 2014
I would prefer the rainbow without a doubt although I’m more of a classic flap lover. It’s so versatile and it basically goes with any of your wardrobe. There is always a hype for every bag but this one seems like it could be permanent love as out of the many seasonal bags this is the only rainbow colorway being made same goes with the iridescent grafitti in reissue. (I’m saying this because the grafitti was offered in the previous Metiers DArt as well but up till now there is a hunt for it) Its amazing how understated the reissue is and with a touch of rainbow/grafitti/charm it’s a totally outstanding chanel bag! :heart:
If possible keep the silver flap and add the rainbow in reissue!
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IG coco.intrigue
Feb 1, 2017
Everyone’s so on point about how versatile the silver flap is and it’s a classic no less. As XCCX has said, it will most certainly stand the test of time.
I also agree with FirstChanel about how the color way on the reissue really bring its understated status to a whole new level.
I won’t replace my silver Classic since it was actually love at first sight and I will enjoy it for years to come. Should an opportunity arise and I still have some budget left, I will seek out the rainbow small flap.

Thanks so much everyone, I know I can always rely on you ladies for some insight in the world of Chanel!!

Be seeing y’all


Apr 18, 2018
Sometimes I fall in love with a bag because how it looks in a picture, or sitting on a shelf, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to looking as good when worn with my wardrobe.
I think the beautiful silver will stand the test of time and be super wearable with the most outfits for many years.