Iridescent chanel bags with rainbow hardware! X

  1. Ladies! Please post photos of your iridescent chanel bags! Would love to see them xxx
  2. image.png image.png
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  3. From my instagram account
  4. image.jpg My purple in natural light : )
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  5. IMG_1470186493.937174.jpg IMG_1470186503.921066.jpg

    My bronze boy! It has a bit of purple in it in some lights. I love this bag
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  6. My old medium purple iridescent goat boy. :heart:

  7. My new medium iridescent boy :love:
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  8. Gorgeous bags everyone!!
  9. :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  10. IMG_1470223035.186801.jpg coffee time with rainbow boy
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  11. Ahhh I love these so much. Do they have any iridescent hardware bags that aren't flaps? I adore the look of those flap bags, but prefer zip closures.
  12. Yes they do! Check out eBay they have one
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