Iridescent caviar

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  1. Hi! I bought a classic mini flap in black iridescent caviar. I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies out there own this kind of leather. I recently read its hard to keep clean. What is your experience with iridescent caviar? Any tips? Thanks so much :smile:

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  2. There is a thread here (I am having problems inserting the URLs):
    Home | Premier Designers | Chanel | The iridescent Caviar - Pros and cons

    and this has also been discussed on the shopping Chanel forum "Shopping Spring 2013" recently.

    Hope this helps. Wish I could link directly, but I've tried 5 times and that's my limit going back and forth to find the threads. Most say this material is very difficult to maintain, can't be cleaned, attracts dirt like a magnet (shoppers and SAs), and that it's not durable or for a bag that will be used regularly.
  3. Thanks so much!!!
  4. You are welcome; so sorry the links thing wasn't working for me, but there is a bit of information on this material both on the thread specifically about it and the spring 2013 one. Many people are very disappointed that Chanel has decided to use this material for their classic bags; I think it will come back to haunt them.
  5. Thanks for the info! No need to apologize about the links :smile: I did a search... It sounds like there are different kinds of iridescent caviar? I'm even more confused now, hahaha. I don't know what type I have. It doesn't look to me that it will attract dust easily. And I rubbed my linty white sweater against it, and it's not sticking but I don't know... I shall find out with time. Hopefully I will find some tips on cleaning it.

    I can totally understand why a lot of people don't like it though. It's not everyone's cup of tea. I love it because it has a downtown vibe to it, and that's more my style. Everytime I go looking for the classic bag, I end up purchasing something a little different.

    Thanks again for your input! It's much appreciated :smile:
  6. I believe it was sukiyaki that posted this photo comparing the 3 leathers. And after bringing home that mini with the "suede/velvet" caviar and comparing with my original caviar bag, I had to return it. The feel and look just wasn't the same for me.


  7. Thanks for posting the pictures! Yeah, I can see why you don't like feel of it. I like the casual look of it, but I don't like the feel. I just read that there are square minis coming out in iridescent caviar...
  8. I haven't used my black irredescent caviar CWC yet... But I figure since its black its generally safe.... At first I wasn't sure about texture and rubbery feel of it but the more I look at it and try it on the more I love the urban downtown chic it has... I even lightly scratched back corner with my nail and it seems pretty durable to me.. But the CWC I prob would only use one in a while or for evenings out... So I won't wear it out soon....
  9. Thanks for your input! I feel the same way about mine. Just worried about the cleaning issue. We will find out with time and use, I guess. Seems super durable to me. Crossing fingers that its easy to keep clean :smile:
  10. Since the link thing wasn't working for me earlier, I thought I'd just do a copy/paste of what someone said about one of these bags. The iridescent caviar coming out now is not like the one from 12A that was shiny, but is described as being a bit like rubber or feeling strange with some aspect of suede like feeling, but not like 100% suede. Hopefully a black bag will not suffer from the same consequences of the blue bag described above. Many are wanting the pink iridescent, which apparently is coming in this material; for a light color bag, that would not be a good thing.
  11. Hate to say it.. My first Chanel was a seasonal bag in this caviar leather and I'm sad to say, I've put it away. Fair enough I don't baby my bags but I don't throw them around either. They are either on the front seat, on my shoulder or on the carpet in my wardrobe .. and in less than 6 months of use, not every day at that, the corners and edging has worn away. I'm not happy and feel like I've wasted over $3000.

    I'm going for the full hard caviar leather for my next bag.
  12. I also got the same one but I don't like the leather much that's whyI sold it to my friend.

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  13. I have the In the Mix tote which has this material and I have to say that my bag has held up fine. My bag is black (so the dirt is less noticeable) and I love the sheen of the material. It cannot be cleaned (confirmed with Chanel) but you can sort of brush the material to restore it.
  14. I just bought this jumbo classic flap and I absolutely love the color! However, I think it's the suede caviar (?), it has a bit of a sheen but feels more soft than rubbery.

    Does anyone have any idea if this will be harder to maintain than the beige caviar? I take pretty good care of my bags but I can't baby them (I have three kids).

    Thanks for any advice/opinions!

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  15. I have purchased the same bag as washingtonian and have the same questions. Would appreciate anybody's input!