Irene! This is for you...

  1. oooo pretty, but isn't she doing less logo'd bags these days
  2. :drool:

    I love seeing these LE pieces!
  3. Omg:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  4. :nuts: I don't see it in let-trade site anymore. I wonder how much it cost.
  5. 4999.99
  6. Off topic, but what does zero or less feedback mean?? :confused1:
  7. LOL I thought of Irene, too when I saw that piece. Your denim with alligator is so lovely Irene!
  8. Wow wow wow! That is one fab bag!!
  9. Your a sweety, Matt, but she's gone over to the dark "H" side!!! LOL!
  10. Sorry Matt, Irene has been taken to the dark side (Hermes!). She betrayed us!! :p
  11. OH NO SHE DIDN'T (snaps fingers back n forth lol)

    awwww :sad:
  12. :heart: Wow....LuV that bag!!!!
  13. Gorgeous :love: but $$$ :wtf:
  14. Irene, are you still into lv anymore?