Irene -- Pre-Fall only???

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  1. I know Irene was in the Pre-Fall Collection, but does anyone know if it will be back in the Fall releases? My LV says there are none available in the US -- I just received my BAZAAR magazine and it has the Irene/Madonna ad -- why would LV be advertising this if it's only a very limited production?

  2. ^^^ That happened b/c it was a major goof on someone's part (or so I have been told by someone in LV). As far as my LV source knew, the Irene is now gone. Whatever was made was it.

    Of course things can always change if the demand is there & the LV gods are smiling...
  3. It is only for Pre-Fall. I was at the Stanford LV wanting to see it and was told that it's sold out nationwide and they will not be getting anymore due to LV didn't make too many of them. Good Luck in finding one if you're looking.
  4. I live in Australia....some LV boutiques here still carrying the Irene....mono and suede...
  5. I think there´s still some left in UK, correct me if I´m wrong anyone:king:
  6. I am disappointed to not find one either. I just saw one end on Ebay for $4100! I hope that LV realizes their release blunder and produces some more Irene Monogram bags. That's wishful thinking!
  7. i carried mine for the first time today (sorry girls!~~!!) and my SA told me they are all sold out nation wide.... but people are still looking for 'em!
  8. I bought mine in Maui last week, and both stores on the island had them. I don't know if they ship to the mainland, but you could try. FWIW, I LOVE it and it's worth tracking down!
  9. LV Hawaii is no longer shipping to the mainland. They used to be able to if you were already in their system (by purchasing from them previously) but changed that stance. It is unfortunate and frustrating.