1. We have a dublin pass thing for area attractions, and plan on taking a tour to the Blarney Castle, but what are other musts for 2 26 y/o females?

    I'm so excited... never have been out of the US before, haha.
  2. The Guinness Factory, of course ...

    I made the mistake of being there right before St. Patrick's Day this year and didn't want to wait in the long line because it was raining.

    Bus tours that take you around the city are great too.

    Wear shoes with a good grip for Blarney Castle, climbing the stairs to get to the top where the Blarney Stone is can be a little treacherous! Also keep in mind that to kiss the actual stone you have to hang backwards and upside down ... so I passed on that part.
  3. The Viking Duck tour is brilliant. It's a WW2 amphibious landing vehicle that drives around the city giving you a tour (did I mention you wear Viking helmets!) then it turns into a boat & you have a sail around the canals. I did it on my 40th birthday trip in Dublin, it's fab!
  4. Nice touch with the hats. We have duck tours here in Wisconsin, or did... until the river and lake disappeared.
  5. Make sure you visit the Temple Bar area...and go to the Jameson whiskey place- (I'm not sure if its called a distillery or a factory) I enjoyed the Jameson tour more than the Guiness tour! You will love Ireland! We loved it so much we are naming our DD Ireland!
  6. Are you able to make time to visit Galway? I've been to Ireland a couple times and Galway was my absolute favorite, such a charming city!

    It's also worth a visit to Trinity College and have a look at the Book of Kells.

    Make time to visit the little villages of Ireland, too. They are the most beautiful part of the country, even more than the city, and don't forget to eat in the pubs! Those were the best parts of the trip!
  7. can any dubliners give a recommendation for new year's eve??
  8. I'm hoping to go to Ireland in July for Oxegen Festival. I found a great deal on Aer Lingus, $657 roundtrip. I know this isn't really about traveling, but I was wondering how I might convince my parents. I have two friends that are going to the festival [they live in Ireland], and I met them last summer; however, my parents have never met them... so that'll make it hard, plus they're guys. =/ Haha. Have any tips on what I could say to my parents? I'm working this summer, and I've vowed to myself that I'm not going to use my credit card for the rest of the school year or the summer up until the trip, unless it's truly necessary.

    So, you lovely moms, especially... what would convince you to let me go, if I were your daughter? :lol:
  9. Whoops. I forgot to put in that I would love it if any of you know of sites that might offer something even less than Aer Lingus.

    And if any of you are familiar with Naas in County Kildare, I would love to know what to do there! And does anyone know how far Naas is from Killarney, County Kerry? Cos my other friend's got a home there, and I'd love to have a chance to visit him if I do end up going.
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    You've come to the right place, asking for tips! Naas is very very close to Dublin, it's about a 30/40 min drive from the city centre. And Oxegen takes place in Punchestown in Naas.

    Now tbh, there's nothing really to do in Naas :smile: At least I don't think so anyway. It's very small, has a few boutique shops but I think your best bet is to either go to Dublin or go to a different part of Ireland after Oxegen.

    Killarney is quite a distance from Naas. It's about 280km. The drive will take about 4 hours or so. You can take a train though if you don't drive. The train will take the same amount of time, lol :smile:

    Here's a route planner for Ireland

    Here's the train website as well so you can get an idea of places the trains serve, etc.

    You should defo visit Killarney though, it's very nice and scenic there! Most people who come to Ireland visit Kerry, tiz great!

    Oh I think Aer Lingus have a deal on at the moment for US flights but Continental and Delta also fly into Ireland from the US.

    Oh and the best tip you will ever get for Ireland in July - bring a rain jacket! It tends to be a pretty rough month for rainfall.
  11. A Mom here ;) Some questions before I help you convince ;)

    How old are you? Where will you be staying? Have I met the people you will be with? How will I be able to contact you? What kind of self control and self regulation have you exhibited in the past? What is the current political situation in Ireland? Would you be safe? How much self control does Mom have? (I would flip but fight myself to let my 18 yo with self control travel overseas. Of course, I don't have an 18 yo, so you can check back in 9 years to see if I let him go. :smile: )

  12. I'm 19 and will have finished my first year of college. I would probably be staying with my friend, seeing as he lives in Naas. No, you haven't met the people I would be hanging out with. I have a int'l phone from when I spent the summer in England last year. I don't drink and enjoy relaxing more than going wild and partying. The only real unrest/violence is in N. Ireland, so I would be safe. You've allowed me to go overseas several times before, always meeting up with people at arrival.

    And thank you, Avril! Just the tips I needed! I'll check out the planner for sure. =]
  13. Consider me convinced. I'd say tell your Mom what you told me here. Ask for her support. At 19, you can still go without that support, but it's easier if you have it.
  14. Looking for more ideas on Ireland. We are leaving next month and want to make sure we are not missing something.
    What about Northern Ireland?
  15. I haven't been to Ireland yet, but I'm planning to go next year. One place I really want to stay is Ashford Castle in Mayo, google it, it is gorgeous!!!