Ippolita now made in China! (outlet styles)


Oct 26, 2010
Just a heads up, have recently seen some Ippolita at Nordstrom Rack and Last Call that had "Made in China" tags (photo attached)! :/
I used to be a pretty big fan of Ippolita and the designs can be quite pretty, but it's a bit disappointing to see the quality going downhill and being mass produced in China. Also saw a few that said Made in Thailand. Was under the impression that they were Italian high-end jewelry as marketed on their site. I believe the China ones were specifically made for outlet styles, hopefully the main line ones are still manufactured in Italy and higher quality.

The stones on the Made in China ones also were flimsy and almost seemed kind of like plastic or glass, and some of the ones with beads (Nova collection) actually kind of looked.. glued on. So I guess when buying brands from outlets/Rack etc. these days, probably need to double check the quality.

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Aug 4, 2007
Ippolita was never Italian as far as I know (maybe they used to have pieces manufactured in Italy and the founder is Italian, but the company is American). The made in China thing is sad and cheapens the brand.