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  1. My red iPod nano came in the mail today! :yahoo: I have already uploaded 53 songs on there today! I really like the idea of getting something while also giving back to an important cause like Product(red). Do you own an ipod and what type! Are y'all as addicted to it as I already am? lol:yes:
  2. I love the red iPod!!! I don't have that one, but only because I already have the 5th gen Video iPod in white. LOVE IT! My car has an iPod connection, too...so I can have it at all times.
  3. Congrats! I love the red nano as well, but i still have my white one from last year. and yes i am addicted to it!
  4. I also have the 30 gb video ipod. Prior to this one, I had a green mini, and a white nano. I am sooo addicted! I can't imagine switching to another mp3 player. I'm a big techie geek but I still love my iPod!
  5. I love my iPod. I have a 60GB black video iPod and a green Mini. My husband has an old 3G iPod, but I just received his new Christmas present from FedEx yesterday, a black 80GB video iPod! I have already begun converting all of the little videos he likes, and have ripped his current favorite movie so it will be all ready for him on Christmas. I also ordered a custom Vaja case, which hopefully will arrive in time.

    I use my iPod mostly for podcasts, and I have a few movies on it, several short videos, and a lot of music.
  6. the red ipod is on my christmas list :smile: Right now I have a white nano, but it's just too small for me, I have way more than 500 songs! I do love the ipods though, i wear mine at the gym and on the bus, i wouldn't ride public transportation without one lol, keeps the crazies from talking to you!
  7. I have a black nano Ipod which i LOVE!! I refuse to work out without it... :smile:
  8. I have the old U2 20gb iPod. I adore mine - just a little sad that I don't have a nifty color screen like all of the new ones though
  9. i had a shuffle, a pink mini, a 30gb 4th generation, and now i have a green nano, which i ADORE! it's my little "go to sleep" buddy; i love listening to audiobooks on it before going to bed!

  10. [​IMG] I've got a black 30gb video...in just a week I've uploaded almost 1000 songs...I'm completely renewing interest in my schizo CD collection - I love it!! :yahoo: I'm travelling cross country next week and it will be my companion the whole way through for sure. Plus my BF got the Bose speaker which has an ipod cradle in it so we can now listen to eachother's music so easily and wonderful sound quality to boot!
  11. I have the black 30g aswell - I love it

    Definately couldn't live without a ipod!:yes:
  12. i wanted ipod shuffle but don't want it anymore. i saw some nasty pics of apple. :sad:
  13. I bought an Ipod in December 2001 - I think I paid close to $500 by the time I got the car accessory kit and everything else I needed. It is a first generation iPod and doesn't even have video. But it still works and I love it! But the best thing about it was that as soon as I bought it I knew eventually everyone would have an Ipod so I bought stock in Apple. I swear, that is one of my best stock picks ever!

    I bought it for my husband as a Christmas present and I loaded up all of his CDs on it since he is technologically incompetent. I loved it so much I kept it in my purse and was stealthily using it until Christmas when I wrapped it up gave it to him!

    Between the four of us we now have 2 nanos, 1 shuffle, 3 iHomes, and my original!

    Here's a pic of the original...

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  14. I used to have a green mini. I gave that to my brother and bought a black nano.
  15. I have a white 30, DH black 30, and sons have them too...we love them!