Ipods-would you buy refurbished?

  1. I don't have much confidence in refurbished products... I'd rather buy new, regardless of the fact that it is more money.
  2. i would buy a new one too!
  3. Of course I'd prefer the new... but did you know when you have to send your ipod to apple for repair (this means it's beyond fixing at the apple store), they give you a refurbished one back anyway?
  4. There are a couple of things to remember about ipods:

    (1) The old ones have really crummy batteries. They don't hold a charge well, and are subject to failure. Any ipod over 2 years old or so may have this problem.
    (2) The ipods that have disks tend to have failure problems (newer models have hard drives).

    Good luck!
  5. I would just go for the whole enchilada and buy new. My brother got a new nano for his birthday, and the darn thing has never worked correctly. He had to send it back to apple for an entire replacement. BUT- DO get one! I love my gen3 ipod, it is my prized possession. I am almost computer illiterate, so when I can figure how to get my files off my old one I plan on buying a 60 gig one... Cannot live without it!!!
  6. iPods always had hard drives (exept the,shuffle,and nano which are flash(due to it small storage). The third generation iPods had problems (3 years ago). If you were to get a iPod(mini,shuffle,or nano) you should get it off of Apple.com..here is the link


    if you have ANY questions about ipods just pm me nishi621.. iPods are my other obession :love:
  7. thanks for the replies ladies-Jadore-you just might be hearing from me :yes:
  8. don't. my brother bought a refurbished one and it broke after 1 month
  9. Jadore -- do you think the 30g video ipods are worth the money? I want one! But I never had any kind of ipod before, so don't know if I need such a nice one.

    On the other hand, I have hundreds of CD's to put on it, and want to join napster or something as well to start downloading. The video thing looks very cool too...