IPODS. I am clueless!

  1. I don't have an iPod. I want one, though. I honestly would feel weird breaking out a CD player! But an iPod is better regardless because you can hold so many songs!

    I honestly tried looking things up on them, but I am confused by the "generations" and by the ones that have photos and videos.
    I want one with a lot of things on it that is new, but I don't know if the video and photos come standard or what.
    Nano? Non-Nano?

    I'm looking to buy off eBay as I am an eBay JUNKY and I promise I don't have time to run to apple and quiz them. I'd like to catch a good auction by this weekend, actually.

    Thanks so much for any help-- I am sure you're all experts on it as I am the only one without one, haha.
    Just wanting to know which one is best, and which ones have cases to customize and things like that. One that I will have a lot of options with, basically. Like, the Nano you probably can't use a case on, right? I think the cases are cute, that kind of thing.
  2. We've had some iPod threads around here, and I'll repeat what I've said in them - don't get one.

    However, the generations is what kind of "models" of iPods that are sold to say it that way, but to my knowledge, only 5gen. iPods are sold at all, and that's the models that are sleek, with video players etc. The video and photoviewers (color screens) are standard with both iPod and iPod nano, but I suggest getting a iPod if you want to store lots of videos etc on your iPod as a iPod nano is max 8gb (and for a 8gb nano the price jump isn't that much to a 30gb iPod)
    Hope that cleared some of your question without being too messy :smile:
  3. i have two ipods, a 3rd generation (from 2000) and a shuffle (a pink one i just bought last week for exercising - fun music only). i think ipods are on their 5th generation right now, if i'm not mistaken. don't waste your money on a nano. they're cute, but they don't have as many features or capacity and the one that's 8 gigs is only $50 less, retail, than the 30 gig regular ipod that also plays video. so, it holds 3.5 times as many songs, has a better screen resolution, and extra features. as such, it's a MUCH better deal. it's a little bit larger, but the current generation ones are a lot smaller than the 3rd gen that i have.

    so i'd recommend the current generation 30 gig (they also make an 80 gig, but unless you have a very large music collection or plan on holding a lot of video, that much space really isn't necessary), and i recommend it in white. the black has a tendency to develop more noticable scratches in the finish.

    i work at an electronics store, although i sell appliances, but this is what the people that work in the department with the ipods tell me.
  4. id get a white 30 gb ipod video. it holds tons of songs, is pretty small, you can watch videos, hold pictures, and download movies onto it!
    its so great! (i dont have it, but my friend always leaves hers at mi casa, and she has the first season of HOUSE on it!)
  5. i have a 20 gig i think video one and its amazing i have like 10 pictures, 3 movies and like 15 episodes of tv shows and then like 50 songs? and its still got like 18 gigs its amazing!!! :smile:
  6. I have the 80g iPod video. It's true you don't need all that memory if you just want songs, but to date I have 752 songs and 50 movies with 30g of memory left.
  7. i have the 15gb ipod from the 2nd generation... still running til now and i must say the hard disks are full.

    i'm looking to buy the 80gb video :p because beside songs, i'm working in video business and the video would be a great advantage for me to show my portfolios to people i met coincidentally and i didn't bring laptops :p
  8. I have this 30gb in black...I am not much of a video downloader, but I love music and this is amazing. I got a clear plastic protector case as well which has proved very worthwhile for trips to the gym to protect it from hard knocks, water bottle spills, etc.

    Highly recommended!! :yahoo: :heart: :love:
  9. ^^^those hard cases are the best! My whole family has ipods, and we love them! DH and I have 30G which is for video and songs, although we only use them for music, my oldest son has 60G Video and middle son has a nano...I highly reccomend the ipods.
  10. I used to have the old school one like you as well: the one with 4 buttons above the scroll wheel and the orange backlighting. That is the best one: if you have one of those it means that you are truly geeky, LOL because that was when there was no hype and (I think) the quality of that one was higher than the next version with grey scroll wheel. You also get more perks - at least they give you the charger and a proper carrying case whereas for the later ones you have to go and buy the case and the charger yourself! Unfortunately that one broke (hard disk failure) so I now have the 4GB white nano.

    Actually I am going to suggest to the lady who started the thread to go for the Nano one because it's more colourful, much lighter and much better as a starter than a full blown one. I just can't get my head around the big ones and if you run with it, the hard disk will malfunction whereas flash memory will not and 1000 songs is enough!
  11. I don't know how often that really happens... just thought I'd mention that my hard disc never gave me any problems, altho I run with my iPod mini.
  12. Me +1

    By construction, hard disk is like that.
  13. They've never made the 5th Gens in 20, only 30. :confused1:

    To the OP, go for it! I have purchased a few iPods, and I have three currently in my possession. I don't recommend purchasign from eBay (I wouldn't purachase any computer or computer peripheral on eBay). Buy from Apple or reputable re-seller so you can conveniently return if you have problems in the future, you can get it replaced with another. My friend Will has had his replaced 3 times by Apple; he would have been screwed if he had purchased from eBay.
  14. ITA! You have great taste :love: . I have the same kind of ipod in a plastic case as well :jammin: :jammin:
  15. This is interesting - I have been thinking about getting a Nano so I could get the Nike system with the chip that goes in the running shoes. Does anyone have that?

    Is the Nano good enough just for running and maybe to use with a car hook-up? I'm thinking I won't be downloading too much.