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  1. Can anyone tell me where to get a good deal on an IPOD?
    I need to purchse 3 for Christmas. :jammin:
  2. Depending on what kind you want, check out circuitcity.com Free shipping.
  3. Refurbished Apple iPod nano 4GB MP3 Player for $149 shipped
    The Apple Store restocked both the factory-refurbished Apple iPod nano 4GB MP3 Player in Black, model no. MA107LL/A, and White, model no. MA005LL/A. They're still $149 each with free shipping. That's $20 off and the least expensive 4GB iPod nano we've ever seen. Sales tax is added where applicable. Each is covered by a one-year Apple warranty, the same as new iPods. Of note, the new aluminum 4GB iPod nanos are still $190 shipped at Amazon.com.
  4. Refurbished Apple iPod video 30GB MP3 Player for $179 shipped, 60GB for $229
    The factory-refurbished Apple iPod video 30GB MP3 Player in Black, model no. MA146LL/A, is back in stock for $179 at The Apple Store. With free shipping, that ties our last mention as the lowest total price we've seen. Sales tax is added where applicable. Of note, the factory-refurbished Apple iPod video 60GB MP3 Player in White (model no. MA003LL/A) or Black (model no. MA147LL/A) is also available for $229 shipped free. Each carries a one-year Apple warranty. Items are removed from Apple's site when sold out.
  5. New iPod shuffle 1GB MP3 Player for $72 shipped
    Target.com offers the new Apple iPod shuffle 1GB MP3 Player, model no. MA564LL/A, for $79.99. This 10% off coupon chops it to $71.99. With free shipping, that's the lowest total price we could find by $7. Sales tax is added where applicable. This version features an aluminum body roughly half the size of the first-gen iPod shuffle, integrated clip, and USB dock. Coupon ends January 31, 2007. Of note, it's currently on order and is expected to ship in two to six weeks. The Apple Store offers it with free laser engraving for $79 shipped free.

    10% off coupon

  6. Target.com has the aluminum Apple iPod nano 8GB MP3 Player in Black, model no. MA497LL/A, for $249.99 with free shipping. Coupon code "TCRCPTAA" drops it to $224.99. That's $3 less than Apple's Black Friday sale price and the lowest we've seen without rebate hassles. Sales tax is added where applicable. (You can pay $6 less after rebate at PC Connection.) The Target coupon ends November 30.
  7. Copied from another site:

    Apple has a lot of refurbished iPods for great prices.

    These units come with a year warranty!

    Shipping starts around $4.

    - iPod Shuffle 512mb - $33
    - iPod Shuffle 1gb - $59
    - iPod Mini 4GB - $99
    - iPod Nano 2GB - $99
    - iPod Nano 4GB - $149
    - iPod Video 30GB - $179
    - iPod Video 60GB - $229
  8. I heard Costco sells them for a slight discount.
    I also saw one post on another forum of someone that saw them at TJ Maxx!
  9. PC Connection renewed its rebates on Apple iPods. Still a best bet, the Apple iPod video 80GB MP3 Player in White, model no. MA448LL/A, or Black, model no. MA450LL/A, cost $349 each before this $40 mail-in rebate, $309 after. With free shipping, it's tied with our last mention as the lowest total price we've seen yet. This model features a brighter screen and extended battery compared to its predecessor. Deals end November 30.
  10. i know students get discounts on ipods. do you know any one that attends a participating university?

    also, if you check techbargains.com or xpbargains.com (or any other tech related deals site), they often post deals on ipod that includes coupon codes, free shipping, etc.
  11. Apple doesn't give discounts to students anymore on the iPods. The prices are lower now then they used to be with the discounts. So that's why no discounts. I know, it sucks. That's the reason why I went back to school, just kidding! =)
  12. Best Buy has 4G Nanos for 199, free shipping and you get a free 25 dollar gift card. I say, buy 2, then get your third for 150 and then you still have another 25 dollar card coming from the third to buy another gift or give as a gift!
  13. Hi. The Philly Inquirer had a tech report on the IPOD over the weekend. After reading the report, I feel that the best place to get one that is top of the line and current is on the IPOD website. They said Apple regulates store prices so they don't go too low. They said the ones that are offered lower are older styles & models.
  14. Just to co-sign on the refurbished ipod bandwagon...I have referred several people to the Apple's refurbished product store in the last few months...I got a mini this summer (which I had been eyeing for over a year) and I did have a slight problem but I took it to the apple store and I received a new one on the spot! Some people maybe wary over used goods (I must admit I did not like having to return a recently purchased item) but Apple has the best policy and process (on tech stuff) that I have seen in a while...Just a thought...happy shopping