1. Okay, I'm a totally Luddite, but I don't have one and am considering getting one.

    Is it worth it? What type should I get? And what happened to all the color choices? I only see black and white as options...
  2. I love my iPod even though I'm stuck in the iron age with a G3 (I'm actually waiting until the next gen to buy a new one). Anywho, here are my opinions on the ones currently on the market:

    iPod Shuffle
    Ignore it, it's a waste of money.

    iPod Nano
    I think this is mostly a novelty for the younger crowd. If you're over twenty you probably won't appreciate its tiny size so my advice would be to go for the...

    iPod (Regular)
    This is my personal choice. It's not much more expensive than the Nano but it holds A TON more. I would just go for the 30 gig (as opposed to the 60) unless you have A LOT of music.

    To answer your questions...

    , I think an iPod is totally worth it. I've had mine for almost three years and I use it every day. Besides a few scratches on the screen it's holding up great. The colour options (gold, silver, pink, etc.) were only for the iPod minis which are no longer being produced. With all the beautiful iPod cases out there, you don't really need the extra colour anyways.

    It's my opinion that in a perfect world everyone would own an iPod. :yes:
  3. i just bought a nano (white 4gb) and LOVE it.

    i didn't think i would get much use out of it because i only listen to music in my car (about 45 minutes a day) but it is SO convieniant to have all your songs with you and not have to worry about switching cds. now i can keep the cds in my house instead of in my car and not have to worry about them getting stolen.

    i like the size of the nano because i plan to use it whenever the bug hits me to start running again (probably in the next month or so now that the wedding's over and i don't have to worry about my already altered bridesmaid dress fitting) also, the new video ipods that are coming out next year will have a digital screen the size of the whole ipod, so it will be easier to watch movies. i figure if i still think i want a video one then, i'll buy it and give the nano to my brother. we'll see.

    the ipod mini was the one with colors (pink, blue, green)...you can still buy them refurbished. my sister just got one from an online seller, but i don't remember which store. there's also a website where you can order custom colored ipods for a little more than retail (http://www.colorwarepc.com/products/default.aspx). however, it doesn't really matter what color it is because you should keep it in a case anyway (so it doesn't get scratched)...you won't be able to see the color.

    these threads http://forum.purseblog.com/search.php?searchid=320539 have some good info
  4. Thanks guys for all your input!
  5. i had a blue mini 6gb second generation. i really liked it, but i fell in love with the nanos size and color screen. now i have the white nano 4gb and its perfect. it's easy to hold in my hand when i'm walking to class and stuff
    I think I'm in love with my Pink Mini 4G iPod. :love:
    I've tried SO many times to sell it and get the 30GB Video iPod...but I just cant bring myself to do it!
    I think that the mini's are the perfect size. Nanos are too small for me... and I wouldnt want to take a video iPod to the gym with me.
    I wish apple would bring back Mini's and maybe add a color screen and video feature to them... that would be SOO nice! :girlsigh:
  7. I just bought an iPod mini and it holds 100 songs-and, I am 41. I personally think 1000 songs is plenty!

    Oh-and I bought a blue one online from apple themselves-it will be here Tuesday-I can't wait!
  8. My iPod is one of the most important tings I own. I cant imagine living without it!

    My fiancee had mine and his iPod custom made in London (as in custom colours). Its got a stripe of colour running through it.
    Theyre created by Bamford & Sons (as in you get an appointment for it as they only make a few a year) with different colour combos, colour stripes and solid silver backing.

    Theyre gorgeous! I can't live without it! I'm having a new one made by the end of the summer for a new 60gig. Im straining the 30!
  9. i :heart: my ipod video 30g and pink ipod mini.
  10. go with ipod nano, so handy, i love mine... :yahoo:
  11. I have a 5G video iPod 30gb and it holds a lot. I have tons of music and numerous audiobooks on it, and it fits (in the case) in my purseket so it just pops right into my bag. My husband has the same one, only in black. My son has the nano, and he has almost maxed out his space. For the money, the 30gb video iPod is the best value. And if you are a student, Apple offers a discount.
  12. I have a 60 gb video and I love it. I had a 20 gb before that and just upgraded. I highly recommend the IPOD. I've had a quite a few mp3 players and nothing compares to it.
  13. Very much worth it, I have a 30GB and love it couldn't go anywhere without it.
  14. I love my ipod..I use it on my ihome & when I'm working out at the gym..it's soo worth it. I have the pink mini..I don't think they make the mini anymore I don't know why I guess b/c now they have the new & improved ipod w/ video.
  15. Do you guys get much use out of the video aspect? I've been eyeing the 30gb video for awhile...