1. what model/size, color ?
  2. i have a white 30g ipod video
  3. Black 80gb Ipod video. Its actually my third. Im very hard on them. I'm a hardcore music fan. Nothing could possibly explain how much i love music.
  4. white 30g video
  5. have the same in black
  6. Pink Nano :smile:
  7. I just bought the silver nano IPOD...2 g.
    I actaully found it simple to use and get songs onto..IM normally tech challenged!!!LOL!..i really love it!!
    BUT I HATE the earbuds..they never stay in my ear..anyone know which headphones are good?
  8. Say no to iPods!

    Research is your friend!
  9. 60GB White video iPod. I'm a diehard audiobook lover. It makes the daily commute go quickly.
  10. I have 3. Ipod 20G 4th gen (white). Ipod Nano 1G (black) Ipod 5.5 black.:yes:
  11. I have a second generation iPod. No video but still works great. Also a 1st gen. shuffle. My boys have nanos.

    I just finished reading a book by Steven Levy on the history of the iPod. The MINI was by far the best selling iPod. It will be interesting to see if anyone here has them.
  12. white 30GB and a now defunct & discontinued pink ipod mini.
  13. Bose makes good ones.
  14. I have a white 30GB video ipod and DH has a silver 4GB mini
  15. I got a Shuffle..a white one..for free. :biggrin: