Ipod Video Case

  1. http://www.coach.com/content/product.aspx?product_no=8460&category_id=658

    By the way...when I was at the store last weekend...I spotted that they finally had the case for the IPOD video (its slimmer and has a larger screen opening to fit the ipod video screen). They only have it in this black right now...they told me more styles would be coming in over the next few months.

    For those of you looking for one.. I wasn't crazy about this design. Its an open top (my mini had a little strap that went over the top and snaped closed to secure the ipod in it). I'm going to wait and see if they come up with a more secure design.

    Guess I'll be sticking with my pink Brenthaven case for now!
  2. I use the leather one, and tried out the signature stripe one. It's extremely secure for my 60 gb iPod, but the SA said that the 20 gb size was a bit loose in the case. I like it a lot, it doesn't add any more bulk than my clear plastic hardcase did, and it's much more chic. I wasn't too fond of the signature stripe ones, but I'm always more keen on leather than signature.
  3. Thanks Shell! I really want a video ipod case, but I want one with CCs. I hope they make that soon.
  4. My store had these signature iPod cases (see attached) in stock the last time I went. They're for the iPods with video, and only come in vermillion.