ipod touch case

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  1. is there an ipod touch case yet? i have cases for my video and mini ipods and they are gorgeous!

    an info, price and pics would be appreciated!
  2. omg id love to find out too
    so i can pimp out my 16g touch
  3. oooh not seen one, but slightly off topic, I did see the most amazing Christian Louboutin case for the apple Iphone. It has a bow and its a clutch you just pop the phone into. So cute :biggrin:
    gonna go find a piccie!
  4. yeah I saw that too in look maagzine! But it was over £250! just too much for an i pod case for me
  5. I should really get one. I have so much scratches on my iPod its not even funny. I should really learn to take care of my stuff
  6. i want to see that iphone case

    i get my iphone back soooon and i need a case for it
  7. yes it was expensive, but oooh so cute!!!! I just cannot find a piccie online. Will keep looking for ya :biggrin:

    It was silk with a gorgeous big bow on it
  8. I'm hoping to get an iPhone soon, and I've love a cute case!