Ipod shuffle cases

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  1. I am so sorry if this is in the wrong place....

    Does any of these designers make ipod cases for the new gerneration (the teeny tiney) shuffle?? thanks!!
  2. The new iPod shuffles don't need a case, hon. They are flash memory DAPs which are very small and have alloy shells (it's basically in its own case).
  3. i think LV does
  4. I'm almost 100% sure Juicy does a cute cover. You can check out iPod Gear for some ADORABLE iPod stuff!
  5. If you are talking about the clip one, I dont think anyone has a case for it yet. Its too small and probably hard to clip with the case
  6. butterflie, those cases are for the first-gen iPod shuffles. The new gen is a tiny clip-on DAP.