iPod people....I'm not sure....I need help

  1. So, a couple of weeks ago our computer completely crashed taking our iTunes with it....We have all our songs back on the computer and I was wondering....when I hook my iPod back up to the computer.....will I still have all my playlists?
  2. Did you recover your hard drive with a restore disk for your computer ? Did the orginal version you had of Itunes with your music libary get restored to your PC ? If so I would think the Playlist would be there
  3. Also, did you have your ipod set so you'd manually move the songs onto your ipod? If it was automatic, your songs on your ipod may be deleted when you hook it up to your computer again so you might want to check to see which one it's on.
  4. I'm not sure if you would. I lost my harddrive and used my Ipod as a harddrive to transfer the songs to the new laptop. When I hooked up the Ipod my playlists were gone (no biggie though since they needed to be redone)!

    I think what Rebecca said is right...if you have it on automatic you'll lose the playlists. However...not having it on automatic is a HUGE PITA!
  5. This happened to me a few months ago and it's a right pain in the a**. In my case it took all the songs and the playlists (although fortunatly I was able to recover them after getting some great advice on a forum).

    If you still have your songs on your computer, then that sounds pretty good, but I guess you won't be able to tell whether or not they're in your i-tunes library until you load it. Once you do load it, if the songs are missing do NOT connect your i-pod otherwise it will be wiped clean. Instead switch your i-tunes to manual like the other ladies said.
  6. When you connect your ipod to your computer for the first time, you should get a message asking you if you want to replace your existing library with the new one. Click No, then immediately change your ipod settings so that it doesn't autosync and instead you update songs manually. It's kind of a pain, but it beats losing all your music.

    If you didn't back up your library on your computer, you can use a program like Senuti to rip songs off your ipod and put them on your computer. If you look around hard enough, you might find one that also copies your playlists, but I'm not 100% sure about that.
  7. Just thought of another idea..if you're worried that it won't recognize that it's a different library and will just start synching, maybe connect it to a friend's computer who has a totally different library, and then switch the settings on that computer? That might be a safer bet.

  8. Yes, you need to do this before you plug your ipod back in! Go into itunes, and make sure it says manually update as opposed to automatic otherwise it'll wipe your ipod clean of all your songs!

    I learned that from experience!
  9. I found out the hard way, the best thing to do is turn off auto sync! do that before hooking it back up!
  10. And get yourself a backup drive. So worth it.
  11. This may be a silly question, but how do you do this?!
    I need my Ipod not to do an automatic update when I plug it in.:confused1:

  12. I'm not at home now, I'm at work so I can't go into my itunes to make sure, but I believe you go into preferences & there should be a little box & something that says 'Automatically check for updates' You want to make sure that box is unchecked.