iPod owners

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  1. So unhelpful, I know, but I'm still using the phones that came with mine (!)
  2. ^^^ Me too, but to be fair I haven't had it for very long.
  3. Sennheiser make very good headphones. I use sony ones myself, I trashed the original earbuds as soon as I took em out of the packaging.
  4. I've gone through two pairs of i-pod headphones on my mini now, so now i use Sony ones and they're great!
  5. I bought the fontopia ones since my original completely fell apart (but it did last for 2 years and only problem I had was it getting dirty lol). I hated that one wire is longer than the other, and it's too short w/o the extension (unless you own a mini/nano and wear it on your arms). Finally returned it for apple's new headphones that comes with radio remote. Perfect wire length! And I still love the original shape better that those "noise cancelling" fontopia with rubber ends.
  6. I use the buds that came with them and i brought ear jammer to attach to them , so they can stay in my ear
  7. hmmm thanks heaps everyone!!!! :amuse: :amuse: :amuse: i'm not too keen on the looks of those ear bud thingys, they look like they hurt!!! but i guess i'll go and try them out... will do it when the weekend comes around! i cant believe how many ppl had problems with the normal iPod ear phones - its so odd!!!

    keep the suggestions coming in! :biggrin:
  8. Im currently using the ones that came with them,but im going to throw them out soon. The wire is breaking,and im going away for the weekend,and I want new ear phones =)