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Jan 8, 2006
hey everyone

my earphones in my mini iPod are starting to crap out :sad2: this morning, Simple Plan didnt sound healthly! :lol:

so, i was just wondering what brand earphones do you have right now in your iPod?

Can anyone suggest me a brand to buy?

thanks in advance
helen :amuse:
The earphones on my mini died too! And it was painful...I was wrestling with a friend and stepped on them by mistake.

I would suggest the sony ones since I like buds. I think the line is called. Fontopia. If I could afford it, I'd get the noise-cancelling buds, but Fontopia does a pretty good job as well, so why bother spending the extra $40-60?
The crappy earphones always die out, I just bought a new ipod and handed the old one down to my little sister so I'm still using the crappy ipod earphones lol. We bought her new crappy ipod earphones to replace the ones that broke on me. I just think the white earpieces make the ipod :lol: Are there any stylish all white ones available?
Sony's are all-white, but I agree, to some extent, the original earphones make the ipod. But they don't sell the original! Only the ones with a remote attached and I hate all that extra wire!!
But my old cd player (I didn't get my mini until the summer) came with earphones that had a remote attached, but you could remove the remote. I use Sony ones, they're like earbuds but they wrap around your ear, they were like $10. I hate earbuds, they're very uncomfortable and they fall out of my ears, I love these, I've been using them for years, they stay on when I'm walking, running to school, or dancing, and they fit nicely in my pocket with my iPod, they're not huge or anything.
hey everyone

are these those ear buds??? i can't believe how flash things are these days! :shame: i never knew ear phones could get this odd looking! they look really sore!


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i hate ipod earphones, i should really go buy new ones next time i'm at work...i know more brands make white now to go with the ipods...the ones it came with always fall out of me ears :sad:
0o0o, keep those brands coming in!!!!

has anyone heard of Sennheiser??? if so, what have you heard about them? do they make good stuff???

you guys are the best! So helpful! my day at work has been good coz of you all!!! :amuse: