Ipod Owners- I have a FREE car thingy to give away FREE-want it?

  1. I have the cassette adapter, Sony I think it is, that you insert in the cassette deck (if your car still has one!), plug into Ipod and allows you to listen to your Ipod through car speakers.

    I don't want any $$ for it, just PM me, first one with address gets it tossed in the mail next time I go to PO for eBay deliveries, probably within a week.

    Hubby just got a new CD player with no cassette, and I had my Ipod interface wired into my car so I don't need it. It worked fine in the autumn when we used it in his car. The sound isn't as good as CDs or wired-in ones but it kept us happy on our last long roadtrip!

    EDITED: ACK! I wrote Free twice in the subject-dorkness!
  2. oooh that's nice of you....everyone on the forum is in such a giving mood today :P.....if only i had a car....or an ipod.......or a casette player....:sad:
  3. ^^^Yes, very nice of you.
  4. That is very nice of you. My husband would be all over that if he had a cassette player in the car! Thanks again for the offer!! :smile:
  5. OKAY- it's gone - heading up to Canada to the first respondent ;)
  6. THANK YOU kitskats!!!! :love: I swear, this is one of the nicest things anyone online's ever done for me!!! *hugs* my bf and I are looking forward to it, meanwhile, I'm gonna go thru my closet too to see what I have to give away! :biggrin: