ipod nano video

  1. I think the case you posted would be too big for your nano video.

    It seems like it takes a while for Coach to come out with cases for new technology items, so I would be very surprised if they have a nano video case already.

    Good luck on your hunt for a cute case though!
  2. That case is way too big for the Nano. Coach hasn't come out with one just yet.
  3. I bought my daughter that ipod when it first came out, and I've yet to see any kind of case for it. Even through Apple. I'm still on the lookout for one - she's keeping it in a camera case temporarily.
  4. but they do have a nano case like that! well not the new nano with the bigger screen... the 1st and 2nd generation nanos
  5. I did see a few cute little cases for the Ipod nano video at Target yesterday - that is the only place I have seen cases for them so far. HTH!
  6. Thanks greenpixie - I'll have to check Target for my daughter's.
  7. oooo u said the new nanos.. my bad
  8. FYI - iSkin just came out with new cases for the new iPods...I bought one the other day...waiting for it to come:

    (i bought mine in crimson)




  9. I'd say at least6 months for a coach case.
  10. you prolly have to wait awhile..