iPod nano question?

  1. I have a red iPod nano (not the one that can play videos on it's centimeter screen, the model right before that) and I'm going on a trip in about a month in which I can't bring a lot of stuff - only the essentials. I usually play my iPod on it's little speaker/port thing but it's too big to carry with me and I'd rather use the extra space in my suitcase other stuff. Is there any cord or thing I could buy so that I could hook up my iPod to a stereo or something so that I could play it?
  2. yeah there is a cord that has a single metal stick thingie on both ends. You can get it for like $20 at the apple store.

    let me find it and i'll post the link. But the stereo has to have the same hookup, it plugs into your headphone hole.
  3. Thank you! So if I bought a set of those tiny mini speakers, I could just use this cord to hook my iPod and the speakers up together?
  4. Most mini speakers already have cords that you'd plug into the Mini.
  5. I have one for my car stereo... About $7 at RadioShack. Any stereo/boombox with a mini-plug input can use it.
  6. Thank you!