iPod Nano cover

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  1. Does anyone have the iPod Nano cover? I want to know if the new iPod Nano's will fit nicely in the case since they're slimmer than the old ones.

    Compared the measurements but not sure if the measurements for the cover was for what it could hold, or for the actual cover itself.
  2. I want to know too. Does anybody have a picture/price?
  3. hmm ... as far i know lv only have ipod shuffle cover?


    around US $140
  4. oops sorry

    they do have ipod nano and ipod (US $245), in classic monogram canvas range

  5. I tried it on the other day with my 2nd gen nano.

    It did fit it well.

    But I really couldn't justify the price it was AUD400ish just for the cover. More expensive than my nano!!
  6. i was going to get the nano cover too but couldn't justify paying more for the cover to protect something that is cheaper! Silly!!
  7. hahaahahahah ... its LV
  8. Why I bought Prada one?? (grrrrr)
  9. i wish they had it in multicolor or vernis!!!!!!! im not a very big canvas person...
  10. just like me :P if they had that in a more colorful line, I'd snatch it up in a second .... I love Monogram Canvas bags, but I like my accessories to be cute and fun :shame:
  11. pff thats exspensive! even for louis

  12. same here :yes: :yes:
  13. Getting an LV cover for your iPod is sooooo worth it!!! :biggrin:
  14. ^I agree! It was a little stiff at first but now it fits well.
  15. Could someone post pictures of their nano cases with the ipod in it