ipod nano cases


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Nov 18, 2005
does anyone have any info if any designer is going to come out with a case for the nano? i seriously need one soon, i've had it for months now and i keep it in a newborn baby sock, but recently i've been DROPPING it. gotta get something soon before the screen cracks!

really need a case, and i prefer a nice one because i've seen some other ones being sold at target and they are really badly made and still cost $30.00, not only that it's also tacky designs/colors.

anyone have any info on future nano cases? coach? chanel? MJ? LV? anything?
The mono case I saw on elux is not for the nano it's the regular size. I can't find anything for the nano and have been using those Apple tubes.
I saw a gorgeous (albeit somewhat outrageous) gold leather GUCCI guccissima nano case at Nordstroms. It was hot, small, and fairly simple (despite the gold GG's all over!) and it had a long strap to carry around your neck if you choose.

...it was the first and only cool nano case i have ever seen