Ipod Nano and Nikes

  1. I saw these a while back and was really interested in trying it. I just thought of it again and was wondering if anyone tried it out before I go hunting local stores for it.
  2. You mean the Nike armband? I got one for DH and he didnt like it so I sold it on eBay. He said it was too tight and uncomfortable, I was mad because I got much less that I paid for it. lol.

  3. Or are you taking about the + chip you can insert into certain running shoes that tracks your mileage, etc.

    If so I have one and I like it (and fyi you don't have to get the nike sneakers, clips for other types of sneakers are available). I'm not sure how accurate it is as I have never gotten around calibrating it (recommended but not necessary) but I suspect it might be off by a quarter to half mile or so as I run one of two routes and this is the variability I see day to day.

    What I really like is it allows you to keep track of your weekly, monthly, yearly mileage online with out having to write anything down. You just plug in your iPod and it sends the info to a nike website automatically.

    I think I paid around $30 for mine and I do think they have a limited life (battery cannot be replaced) but I have had mine now for at least 3-4 months and I run about 7-8 miles a day.
  4. ^^^ this was my question also. i am not sure of accuracy as it says i have run longer distance than what the treadmill says. usually around 4.5 miles a day but it always says i have run over 5. that's a pretty significant difference...
  5. did you calibrate yours? I haven't with mine as I hate going to the track. I just like that it helps me keep track of weekly, monthly mileage even if it's off a bit. I run a lot so I'm not concerned if it's not totally accurate, especially since I was running the same routes before I got it. Just nice to know if I am being consistent week to week, month to month and also helps remind me when it's time for new sneaks...
  6. Mine was severally out of whack. I was running a 5k race and it told me I had completed the 5k 1 mile before the finish line.
  7. Darn, I'm really interested in this but I have a shuffle and an iphone, not a nano.