iPod mini help PLEASE!

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  1. I received my iPod today and have already made a mess. It seems I hit the wrong button and now everything on my screen is in Chinese! I can't figure out how to fix this! And, my 18 year old is not home-help!

    I have an iPod mini BTW-thanks!
  2. Never mind-I jumped the gun a bit-I found in the booklet how to do it-LOL.

    I think I am getting too old for gadgets-OY!
  3. glad you were able to figure it out.and no we are not getting too old, they are just making things more advanced and complicated.
  4. it is driving me crazy now i am trying to get songs onto the darn thing and it just ain't doing it for me-I won't even tell you how many times i had to install the software-where is the darn 18 year old when you need him anyway-argh!

    hey-I also never realized the animal in your AV was your Frenchie dog-I always thought it was a bunny-LOL! I love Frenchies-they were the one purebreed I was considering last year when we got another dog-I got a mixed Sheltie/Belgian Shepherd instead-but, I love Frenchies!
  5. hehe, my mom changed my sisters phone once to Portuguese to mess with her :lol:

    When I first got my ipod, I had no idea how to upload songs. I kept making and deleting playlists, and until my sister was able to help, had the same CD on there for 3 months! :roflmfao:

    It's really easy once you've got the hang of it, but, up until then, it's pure confusion!! GL! :flowers:
  6. Hahaha curious little me was wondering how you changed your iPod to Chinese... I didnt even notice the language option before now. Geez, theres so many choices!
  7. one thing i must warn u is, never agree to the option on syncs your itunes with ipod!!!
    because it means everytime you pluck ur ipod to ur computer, they're going to sync the songs to the songs in your itunes list...
    have fun with ur ipod, it's easy when u already know how.
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