Ipod Help

  1. I have three request for Ipod for Christmas.
    Does anyone know how to get a discount when purchasing more
    than one? Are there any coupons out there?
    Are there fake Ipods???
  2. Apple rarely have sales, as their products sell so well, so unless your company has a corporate discount scheme with them (or you're a teacher) I don't think you'll have any luck.

    http://www.macmall.com/ is usually a little cheaper...
  3. Wow, thanks my husband is in education
    So we might be able to get a discount?
    Can anyone tell me how these works.
  4. You can get an educational discount from Apple by showing a student id. I don't know how teachers get a discount though. . .maybe a pay stub or id that proves that they're teaching?
  5. http://store.apple.com/Catalog/US/Images/routingpage.html

    use this link to access the education part of the apple online store and you can get your discount online but apple has changed their policies and students NO LONGER get a discount on the ipod. But you still get a discount on other products like computers, whatever.

    If you work for a major company like Abercrombie or Gap, you get a discount that does work on ipods. You just have to show a work ID card or paystub and you get it. I know for the 2 companies I listed, you get 6% off. They also give military and fire/police/government discounts as well.
  6. Smalldog Electronics has refurbished iPods and older models at a discount. www.smalldog.com. Also, Apple itself sometimes has refurbed and discontinued models for sale.
  7. i got my ipod(G3) through the student discount, i was surprised that they did that back then (seriously, we all know it has no educational value, well but that was like 4,5 years ago), i'm not surprised that they have changed the policy, I have a 40G, still hasn't filled it up yet, well, i almost hit 30, i was so hyped about the ipod touch before it released, but it just came with 16GB. So I will wait, I'm attached to old things(i mean the songs that i have in my current ipod), i can't get anything smaller than 160GB(:sad:, i love you flash memory, but you are just too damn expensive)
  8. I was at Sam's Club this past weekend and saw the 8 gb Ipod Nano for $183, almost $20 cheaper than if you bought it elsewhere. Occasionally Best Buy will have discounts online for 5% off.
  9. costco has the ipods too