Ipod help!!!!!!

  1. i used to have an Ipod Nano 4gb, but, since i needed more space for my mp3 files, a couple of days ago i bought a 30gb....
    the Ipod nano recharging time needed was very fast, while this new one needs a lot of time!!!!i have to wait hours and then, even if it's forbidden, disconnect it from the computer.....:censor: :rant: :mad:

    the question is:
    do you own a Ipod(not Nano?)how much time does your battery need to be completely recharged:?::?:

    i appreciate any kind of help!!:rolleyes: :yes:
  2. I have one of the old 20 GB ipods and it doesn't loose its charge very quicky, but, when it does need to be re-charged, it can take up to about 6 hours or so. Then again, I tend to leave my backlight on 24/7 so, unless my ipod is off, it uses a lot of battery power.
  3. Well, you did go from 4 to 30 Gigs so there is a big difference. :biggrin: I have an older Ipod (20 GB U2) and I leave it overnight to charge. My suggestion is for you to buy an AC adaptor so you can charge your Ipod without having to hook it up to your computer. The newer Ipods don't come with these anymore so you'll have to get one. This way, you can charge it wherever. Also, don't charge your Ipod unless it's almost dead. You'll have a longer battery life that way.
  4. I have a 30 gb but i charge mines through the fire wire/plug connection that i got from my 20gb. it only takes 2 hours to completely charge. When i charge it on my computer, i'm usually at work, so it's a lotta hours, i think around 4
  5. It usually takes 2 hours to completely recharge, and it takes about a half hour to get to 80% full. There's no need to yank it out of your computer when it says "do not disconnect," you can eject it from iTunes (there's a little icon next to your ipod in the iTunes sidebar, click that and it will eject it). Once you eject it, leave the cable plugged in and it will charge faster, because it's not wasting any energy sharing data with the computer.
  6. girls, just thank you:yahoo: :excl:
    i thought my Ipod had something wrong, because i didn't expect such a huge difference from the 4gb....

    Pnay71 can i find the adaptor you're talking about in the apple web store?!

  7. yeah get the adapter..its about 30 dollars (american)
    the place where you bought your ipod sells it there =D
  8. Yes, and I think someone just posted a link. You also have to remember that videos use up a lot of the power so it drains your battery pretty fast. My hubby has a 60GB and 1 movie pretty much drains the battery.
  9. ilounge.com is a great website which has reviews of all iPods and accessories, faqs, and user forums where you can find answers to pretty much any iPod questions you might have. :yes:
  10. thanks so much girls!!
    i'll have a look at the websites you suggested me!!!
  11. I have a 60GB video and it takes quite a while for a full charge...but then again it does take a long long time to use up a full battery (much longer than my old 20GB did)
  12. agree, with twiggers. i have the 60 gb video and it takes 3 to 4 hours to completely charge. your battery goes faster also if you have more "junk" stored inside your ipod. i have song lyrics and a picture to go along with every song, in my playlist, along with over 10 full sized movies and the battery dies after 2 1/2 to 3 hours max!

    i wish apple would make their battery last longer..
  13. I also recommend the Power Adapter. I bought it for my Mini and now I use it for my Nano.