iPod help needed!

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  1. Both my kids want an iPod for Christmas. My daughter likes the special edition Red Nano and my son wants an old Nano in green. The only place I've found the old Nano is from the Apple Store and they are refurbished. My DH thinks we should buy them both the new Nano's. Plus, the refurbished ones cannot be engraved. Will my son be totally bummed out with the new Nano? I think it seems crazy that he will not like the new one with the video thing. He is not looking at the features, just the color. Also, do they need one of those docking things? Like the alarm clock? TIA, I'm totally clueless!:jammin:
  2. the new ones come in a green flavor:yes:
    It comes w/ a dock, you won't need anything else. The red one is $199- it's 8 gb, it doesn't come in the smaller 4 gb size for $149:sad:
  3. I was on the Apple site today and saw the Red Nano under 4 and 8GB's I don't remember there being a statement about those being refurbished-are you sure? Good luck.
  4. The new one isn't the same color green. The old one is a green like this puke face :throwup:. The new one is more of a pastel green. I already ordered the new ones. I just wonder if I should change my order? I guess if he is totally disappointed with the new one we can exchange it. That's good to know it come with the dock.
  5. You're right, the Product Red Nano is not refurbished. It is 8GB. The 4GB only comes in the one color, white with a bluish tint. I guess the new Nano's are 3rd generation. The green one my DS wants is a 2nd generation Nano 4GB. The other red ones are the 1 GB Shuffle, and we are not buying those. You can't choose what songs you listen to.
  6. actually, the nanos don't come with a dock. they come with a USB cable to connect to your computer and charge, and a little plate to make it adaptable to docking stations, but no actual dock. i think the last ipods to come with a dock were the 3G regular ones. you don't need a dock, though. it's unnecessary. you can get them docking stations to play their ipods through speakers if they want.
  7. I was calling teh little stand a dock. . .

    I guess I am confused by your needs? Are you only wanting refurbished?
    The red doesn't come in 4gb, only 8. I wanted it but didn't want to pay the $199 price just because I wanted red.
  8. Beggars can't be choosers. Get the new one and then take him to the local homeless shelter and ask a couple homeless people if they'd care which color and style it is. Then maybe have him volunteer for a couple of hours and see if he's grateful for what he's got. ;)
  9. word:yes:


  10. The new Nano 4GB comes only in silver.
  11. We would rather buy new. Who wants their main gift to be refurbished. I was just asking from a technical stand point if there would be a reason why someone would rather have the old Nano v's the new Nano.

    I don't think my kid is being ungrateful. He is asking for the $99 iPod. He could be demanding the one that's $399. My daughter read about the Product Red campaign and thought it was cool that a portion of the sales goes to fight AIDS in Africa. That's why she asked for the red one.
  12. Charles was just adding some perspective, I don't think anyone thinks your children are ungrateful.
    The new Nano's have more features I think.
    I was just stating there's only one flavor for a 4gb $149 model.
    It was confusing trying to figure out what exactly you're looking for to me.
    So he just wants a green one right? Doesn't care about which model or whatever, just that it's green, yes?
  13. Before you buy them, check the store's return policy. I bought one for my son for Christmas yesterday at Wal-Mart. When I got home, I noticed on the receipt you can only return it within 15 days. Wish they would've told me that beforehand. I know I should've asked. The reason is in case it doesn't work, or he wants another one. Am going to Wal-Mart tomorrow and ask about it.

    Amanda, thank you for explaining about the dock. I was confused about it.
  14. I think he might like the new nano. When he and his sister are playing with them on Christmas day he will see her with videos and music and his will just be the old model. From what I understand, he really likes the color of the original nano and the new green might not be his taste.
    You could always get him a black one, or see if there are skins or a case you could cover this one with.
    I see your dilemma but the new nano is pretty cool and I'm sure he'll love it!
  15. have you thought about the Ipod Mini, my little brother has just got one and he loves it, its very easy to use and has great memory and features. Im sure you can also play games on it. It comes in a range of colours. :smile: