Ipod Gurus! I need your help!

  1. So I've had my ipod nano for quite awhile now but have never really became addicted to it up until recently. Question...The pictures that are on your ipod, is there a way to transfer them on to your computer? If so, how? My friend was the one who uploaded about 122 photos on my nano and I'd like to put them on my computer i just can't figure out how! TIA!
  2. I'm pretty sure you have to have additional software to do that, which you can download for free. Try googling it.

  3. V.easy. Plug in your iPod > when iTunes open, click on the Summary tab in the iPod menu and make suse Disk Use is checked.

    Then go to My Computer and open the iPod drive and locate the Photo folder. Then drag all the pictures from that folder to your desired location.

  4. Your a god! Then again, i tried that the other day because i read it in the manual and guess what!? When i opened the photos folder there was NOTHING IN IT! :sad: What could be the issue?
  5. if you've synced your ipod with your computer since your friend uploaded that stuff, then it probably erased the photos.