Ipod Etiquette !! What Are Your Rules ??

  1. Whom do you, and do not unplug for ?
  2. I was at the library & someone was listening to their ipod really loud. I thought that was rude because the place was really quiet that you can hear everything..
  3. If I'm on public transport or say at a bus stop I turn it down really low so its barely hearable to myself. I don't listen to it in shops/cafes/librarys etc and I would always take my headphones out if someone is trying to talk to me.
  4. No rules for me, but I usually only use it when bored/alone.
  5. I only use it when I'm at the gym & I really don't care if anyone else can hear it while I'm working out.
  6. Usually I have one speaker in my ear, the other out, so that I can listen to the music but still be able to hear if someone is talking to me.
  7. I don't have one yet and I don't think I will. I feel funny at the thought of me having earplugs on doing my eyerday thing.
  8. I only use my iPod when I'm at home, doing my chores, homework, etc.
  9. I keep it low so I can hear people when they speak to me. I'll only unplug when I want someone to have my undivided attention, like my BF.
  10. does this stuff apply to zen micro users? :P
  11. I only use my iPod at home or in my car. I have an Alpine stereo system that you can plug the iPod directly into, so I don't worry, I am NOT driving with earphones on! When I used to take public transportation, I used to take my portable CD player with me. The buses are so noisy, nobody really notices if you have it turned up a bit. I would never use my iPod in a library or any other place where quiet is expected.
  12. me too! but i think this is bad, because I have selective hearing, so when I listen to music in one ear, I sing, and only respond to the person talking in my other ear when I hear something I want to hear.
  13. I unplug for no one... :supacool:

    Seriously though, since I've gotten my iPod I've my lip-reading skills have improved enormously. :jammin:
  14. I use it everywhere, all the time. I will unplug is someone is trying to talk to me, sometimes I pretend I don't see them (SAs that are annoying lol). I'll keep it low in the library, otherwise, pretty much full balst lol.
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